Field Work

CropTrials GmbH (former Versuchswesen Pflanzenschutz) is experienced in a broad range of different trial types like efficacy trials for screening or registration purposes, residue studies, soil dissipation and accumulation studies, crop selectivity studies and selectivity studies in crop rotations. CropTrials Gmb04H carries out demonstration trials for product launch and for sales promotion.

The trials were carried out in all agricultural and horticultural crops as well as in shrub cultures, orchards, vines. A special performance of CropTrials GmbH is trials in forestry, ornamentals, turf and public gardens, railway tracks as well as rainfastness trials. The trials could be realised in open field as well as in greenhouses.

CropTrials GmbH collaborates with different CROs and covers the northern and the southern region of Europe to carry out European-wide studies. The trials carried out in the North-East, Maritime and Mediterranean climatic EPPO-zone can be used for registrations in the northern, central and southern European registration zones.

We just joined the European network of independent CROs called Rhizome which offers the possibility of conducting experimental trials (GEP and GLP) in all European Union Member States.

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